Why Do I Need To Worship God?

“These people honor me with their lips but their heart is kept far away from me” – Matthew 15:8

Our drama started when we fail to serve and worship God in truth. The personality of God the supreme divinity that sees and knows all things being the creator of all creation. People go to church in numbers but it is painful that few have good intentions forgetting that God sees the heart of everyone.


The Bible Interpretation of Worship

Worship to God was mentioned by Abraham in Genesis 22:5, where he offered to give the most valuable person in his life for sacrifice to God without any resistance.

  1. To worship God requires concentration, discipline, and sacrifice all things for only God. The three wise seek to worship the born king in Matthew 2:2 they traveled from a far country with that intention.
  2.  Worshiping God requires that we submit and honor Him – Psalm 95:6 says let us worship and bow down, kneel before God our maker.
  3. Worship God we know as the Alpha and Omega, God who was not made but made all things in heaven and earth, God who gives everything from but would not request anything from anyone but true worship – John 4:22.
  4. Worship God in truth and spirit because He is not flesh and blood like us – John 4:24 and He does not reason like human beings, even science does not measure with our God’s instinct.
  5. God commanded that we worship only Him – Exodus 20:1-11 since it is a commandment disobeying it means an offense to our maker. How can a man offend God and still think that he can have good success in reference to Joshua 1:8 which says, keeping the book of the law and meditating on it day and night observing to do all that is written in it then you’ll make your way prosperous and have good success?  

  I will like to ask a few questions at this stage, if I may…

  • Do people love to be prosperous?
  • Do people want to become a success?

I f the reply to the above question is “YES” then worship is inevitable to get to the heart of God.


The only thing God cannot do is to worship Himself yet, He is the Almighty God.

The people who worship God most are the most exceptional and distinguished personalities on earth. In fact, they own everything on earth because the earth is the Lord’s – Psalms 24:1 and above all the promise of eternal glory too.


How to Worship God

  • Worship God with songs of praises.
  • Worship God by singing hymns.
  • Worship God by eulogizing Him.
  • Worship God by honoring, dancing, clapping, and exalting Him.
  • Make your heart  joyous and void of sins

God Does Not Accept the Worship of Some People

Sinners – here are a few lists of sins:

  • Adultery                                    
  • Fornication
  • Lasciviousness
  • Idolatry
  • Witchcraft
  • Hatred
  • Variance
  • Emulations
  • Wrath
  • Strife
  • Seditions
  • Heresies
  • Envying
  • Murders
  • Drunkenness
  • Revelings  Etc.

How to Make Your Worship to God Acceptable and Worthy.

Roman 10:9-10 – Confess Jesus with your mouth and believe him in your heart as the son of God that died for the sins of the world including your own. Confess, forsake, and reject your sins and ask Jesus to come into your life right now.

Study the Bible daily for more guides and attend a bible believing church of God near you.

Please kindly decide which of these topics below shows the next blog post here be. Thanking you in anticipation.



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