How Tanzania President Can Help You Improve Your Health

The Tanzania president approach has improved his country’s health just by following the word of God. He asks the citizens to call on God in prayer and fasting during the COVID 19 pandemic. The rest of the world was frightened and jittering about the virus.

I love men of faith, just like Abraham. This is precisely what expected from the nation of Israel, but they choose to be stiffed necked and disobedience to God by not accepting the messiah in Christ Jesus.


Could Tanzania become another Israel of our time??

We are about to find out how the effectual prayer of the Republic of Tanzania was heard and answered by God just like we’ve read in the Bible – 2Chronicles 7:14.


“I believe and I am sure that many Tanzanians believe that coronary heart disease has been eliminated by God,”.


Tanzania President fear of God Improve His Country’s Health.

Just like Joshua and Caleb numbers 14:8-10, John Magufuli declares Tanzania free of Covid-19, how can this be? And was the United Republic of Tanzania on lockdown during COVID 19?


…but there was travelling restrictions imposed which the United Republic of Tanzania has decided to relax travel restrictions to gradually allow the resumption of economic activities in air transport

Tanzania president said “There will be no lockdown in Tanzania, God will help us. We have to work hard, once the other East Africans put an end to the lockdown, they come to us and we have to continue helping them with food, we will not be against their discrimination.”

According to BBC News Africa, the president of Tanzania declared, “I want to thank the Tanzanians of all religions. We prayed and fasted that God would save us from the pandemic that is affecting the country and the world. But God answered us.

“I believe and I am sure that many Tanzanians believe that coronary heart disease has been eliminated by God,”.

When a God-fearing and broken children of God in higher authority just watch out for an uproar because they will turn the world upside down like Apostle Paul.

Mr Magufuli has accused the country’s health officials of exaggerating the coronavirus crisis. He has also ridiculed the strict measures neighbouring countries have imposed to fight the pandemic.


Where did COVID 19 originate?

1Chronicles 16:11-12, It does not matter anymore where it came from because we know good things come from God, and the bad one is from the devil (John 10:10).

God is the creator of all things, yet His thought towards us is not for evil. God’s thinking is good and not evil – Jeremiah 29:11.



How Tanzania President approach Improve His Country’s Health.

Tanzania President

We read in the Bible about sudden chaotic situations which bring the best out of among the rest of the people and nations.

The Bible in Daniel 11:32 says …but people that know their God shall be strong and do exploit.

In Daniel 6, Daniel was in the lion’s den; likewise, it was not a child play when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were thrown into the fiery furnace by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon when they refused to bow down or worship his idol -Daniel3:16-28. What about Joseph and so many more events in the Bible.

You see something must happen to trigger the supernatural act of God to be unveiled into the natural existence of mankind. It will only cost us to have faith in the infinity. Faith is essential.

Who is leading you?

Your leaders will either add values to you or mar you, so who do you subject yourself to?

Until there is a change of heart towards God, people would continue in the wrong way of the world. To acknowledge God is by being obedient to Him and disobedient to the devil and his co-holts.

A circumstance does not allow you to make a choice sometime, but you can choose not to go with wrong or bad instructions that are against God’s word though it must be done with wisdom.

Today we have much in our world, and this is the season when the real heart of fellowship to God almighty can be revealed once again.


By their fruit, we shall know them Matthew 7:16-20.

The Republic of Tanzania produced good fruits and the world is seeing the capability of God’s ability in that nation so why is their heart still hardened?

The devil is the one in leadership when an individual or nation doesn’t feel remorse for sin anymore. Living a sinful lifestyle of disobedient to God’s word does not matter anymore.

It is everywhere in the home, workplace, society, family even in the church. Some part of the word of God is now regarded as old fashion and shouldn’t be obeyed, this is wrong and must be condemned.

Leadership should be God’s choice and appointment or else it would crash suddenly.

As God choose King David as a replacement for King Saul (never heard of two anointed kings in a nation before but it happened in Israel) 1Samuel 15:22-23; 1Samuel 16:1

Remember that even the devil lost his place in heaven too because of his sin of pride. No one is important, but we can only make ourselves relevant by discovering God’s purpose for our lives and acting accordingly.

God can replace anyone at any time in this present age and time, so be mindful of your dealings.


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