Believers; You Must Teach God’s Word.

As believers, you must teach God’s word daily. The word of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:20 commanded that everyone called His disciple must accept and be willing to teach the word of God unconditionally.

1 Corinthians 9:16 – Paul a teacher and preacher of word accepted his task with all diligence; he was confident and believed that the Lord will see him through.

Basic things to do practically is to teach what Christ taught us from the word of God. You must be confident that you’re not alone; God is with you everywhere you go as you carry out the assignment according to His command. Praise God…..Hallelujah!


Teach God’s Word – Matthew 28:20.

As believers you must teach God’s word, a revelation I got a month ago during my 21 days fasting and prayer to commensurate the 5 years of receiving the mandate of Luke 10 evangelism and The Entry Point Word Ministry from the Lord.

I wish to share this passage of the Bible here today,  Matthew 28:20.

My knowledge is broadened and enlightened by what I saw in Matthew 28:20 and I will talk about them here because it a task for every believer of Christ. I am talking about teaching with an awareness of God’s presence always.


Two important points in this passage, Matthew 28:20  can be teaching word of God and with God’s presence.


Teaching God’s Word by Believers.

Believers must teach the word of God as a necessity. According to Matthew 28:20, God wants all believers to be the teachers of the bible. If I may ask, who is a teacher?  Dictionary meaning says it is the act of business of instructing also, that which is taught; instruction.

You and I have no excuse of saying, I don’t know how to teach because God created us with abilities, He knows we can perform willingly. If believers fail to teach God’s word, then it is a sin because Jesus commanded us to do so in the bible Matthew 28:19.


Omni; God’s Presence for Believers.

While doing the business of the father God – Luke 2:24, let us be confident that we are not alone in it because the Omni is Lord our God and He is ever faithful to His word.

I studied the word Omni lately; dictionary meaning says, a combining form denoting all every, everywhere: as in omnipotent, all-powerful; omnipresent.

Just what God represents so that is who He is, let us do God’s work knowing that He is always watching over us, to perform His work – Jeremiah 1:12. Our task is to take action and leave the rest to God to perform, through redemption power of the blood of Jesus Christ.

We are in the end time already and there is the movement of God’s power and grace, to save as many as those that come to Him, with a repentance heart – Roman 10:13-14.


You Must Teach God’s Word.

Let us continue to proclaim, publish, pronounce, deliver, urge, declare and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ because He commanded us to teach, with an assurance that He is with us always, till the end of the world, and so shall it be.  Amen.

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