Here is a letter from me to you and I would be grateful if you could read it as quick and fast as you can. Do not rush yourself at it but understand the writer’s intention. You’ll want to be successful in your endeavour, didn’t you?

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My birthday in this month 8th day and am sharing the same month with my wife, mum and a younger sister of mine. What a month full of freebies and goodies. Glory be God, Hallelujah! Amen.



All Things Are Yours


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Though I have been off for a while, you see, I am working very hard behind the scene. Lately, I went for a few courses on digital marketing. The training is occupying most of my time that I now have limited time to write and post here.

All things work for good for that are called to the purpose you will see a lot of changes happening here very soon. I have learned new skills. I am using the internet to preach and evangelize to the world—especially aftermath COVID 19 invasions. I pray. for families that were tortured and affected by this pandemic. God almighty will meet them at the point of their needs in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

I must tell you that writing takes time, it is a lot of work too. People that take their time to write and communicate. Effective communication with people through writing is challenging. Writers need encouragements.

Sometimes I feel the readers here are not flowing with my writing, so I need to see why??? But I found out that, though few people get to read my posts. Could it be updating of contents online are too intense or frightening? 

The comment box has even been so hostile to readers. But why? Nobody is using it to send a message at all. Whereby anyone can use it. Use it to express their feeling, disagreement and argument with each content.

It would have made a significant impact on other people’s experience too. If the comment box is active, so many can see it in the comment box. Who knows whom God would use to solve the queries..it could be anybody.

I am still encouraging people to start using the comment box, please to do it.

I once received a Whatsapp message from one suppose clergy in a group where I belong, asking me after reading my post’s excerpt, he said, and I quote “are you, God?”.

Now, what was the inscription of my post it is the usual? “Is your name written in the book of life?” Well, this could get anyone mad, you know most especially if the fellow is treading on the crooked part. I mean a carefree lifestyle.

Oh, Yeah! On many occasion. People, including family members, have asked me. The closest of them can find me too nasty with what I preach. In their response, I hear words like “Mr Jesus or brother Jesus”.

                                  ====>>>                FREEBIES IS HERE                    <<<====

Come on, please. I don’t mean hurt, but sincerely the truth is bitter, and let’s say the fact you and I know that we are all in this race together. 

Let us run the eternal race with trembling and let him that think he stands to beware 1 Corinthians 10:12. Heaven is an individual race Philippians 2:12.

Do I sound rude now? Accept my apology if I do, and this can make people annoyed when it’s unintentional.

As an apostle with a special message from Christ, his words through me to you, go ahead and read my about us page if you care to know why I am writing to you the way I did. 

I hope you’ll understand that Jesus loves you. He laid down His life, for the world is no joke, and your life and mine is valuable to God.

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