I want to continue writing in this place or rather on this platform. The writer’s block will not be my issue as I am determined to write every day. God help me so far, I HAVE WRITTEN three pages. Today will make my post number three. I hope that three will not be room for hiccups on my writing journey. It is not really a planned journey.




I didn’t have a masterpiece of how I intend to succeed on this journey of writing but I believe I will succeed. How am I going to achieve my task and make success with it?


Well, I think I will just wake up every day with a positive attitude to get things done. I will rather be very active at this one thing. I mean this craft of mine that I have chosen to do with all my hands and finger. MY BRAIN always gets to work by making use of my eyes for glaring attentively.


My senses are getting ready anytime I put them to work. I thank them for cooperating with me anytime I call on them. Thank you to Mr. Fingers, Mr. Eyes, and all other parts of my body working together to make my aims and goal become a major success. I promise you guys never to deny you your rights. You shall have your allowances at due seasons. I promise.


I thank God almighty for the endowment. I have these valuable and hardworking dudes with me. They are always ready to serve when the need arises. I have never seen such an uncompromising and loyal part of my body in any other place but with myself. I love them and I believe they’ll love me too. I know they love me through their action because as the saying goes “action speaks better than words”. I have such tremendous experience around these guys.


I am enjoying every bit of the part of my body. Enjoying this feels like forever you know.


It is time for me to get the best out of everything that I put into this writing. The best pals in the world are these dudes. You know what keeps me in a surprise mood about them every time is their approach to issues. They always play team jobs. I love such an attitude of unity amongst them. Live becomes mutual and beneficial to all mankind when we do things in love. Don’t you agree with me?


I know this because I have been there. The problems of the world started with the introduction of hatred. In situations where people chose to live in this type of character definitely, we’ll experience chaotic moments. It is better to be an advocate of love in an environment than to be against it. When we love ourselves, the world would be a better place for all sundries.


How can we make the world better? Every individual has a part to play by being positive.


Standing by what is right and everything that will not endanger the life of a fellow human being and other species. You see we (human) need other species to be able to function effectively in an ecosystem. The plants, I mean the green and the trees behind your house. The garden you’ve been rearing is beneficial to all and it’s not limited to you alone.


The oxygen that comes from these species is needed by humans while they also need our carbon dioxide to survive. In essence, life is built on mutual benefit so, you can’t do it all on your own. You will need the help and support of others. Every other person will need your help and support too.


Directly or indirectly we need each other. You are directly or indirectly attached to a mutual source where you can get efficient or quality assistance for your needs.


The needs of man are insatiable. It is a thing that would be very difficult to understand because man by nature is unsatisfied with many things he owns. Man is always looking for more of everything until he dies.


The grave is the only place where mankind has enough of everything they’d ever wanted in life.


The grave is the darkroom where mankind gives up all struggle and hustles. The hatred or love won’t be relevant anymore because in that grave you’d been fulfilled. It is a place where all worries are over and all thoughts are no more. At the point when a man’s time stops counting and every effort to revive a man can’t be any useful.


What is your life?


Think about it and think of how you’ll want to end your journey in life.

The grave has got no escape route and you need to know that. So, be good and work toward being a better person that shows love to all mankind.

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