Cat and Mouse Tale

Cat and mouse tale, my illustration is non-fiction ironically written to portray chased (Satan) and chaser (God) as light negates darkness also, God overcome Satan – Revelation 12:7-11.

If you are familiar with cartoon like me from childhood till now; I watch alone or with my kids but contrary to Tom and Jerry of warner brothers. We are talking about the power of God accessible and available to all flesh by choice so you either choose God’s power or to be oppressed by devil.


Cat, Mouse Main Illustration

Cat – cat chase mouse out of the house, likewise; light overcome darkness meaning God’s power as cat. The spirit, body and soul of men are the house; Holy Spirit dwells in the body (house) of men. Darkness will not reign where Holy Spirit dwells.

Mouse – mouse destroys valuable things in the house – John 10:10. Mouse does not have any advantage than causing havocs, shows signs of wickedness beyond measures. Unmerciful, deceitful and cunning behaviors are found in mouse a replica of devil and his kingdom.


Bring Out the Cat and Destroy the Mouse

Man needs God’s presence to live above the natural in life therefore it is necessary to pray the power; I mean the manifestation of the sons of God and chase away devil and his demons.


5 Ways to Chase Devils like a Cat

  • Be sensitive spiritually about your environment.
  • Be watchful in prayer and fasting.
  • Be strong in the lord.
  • Be ready to shout the devil down.
  • Be spirit filled and meditate on the word of God.


Cat and mouse tale is used in this article to illustrate availability of God’s power for all men by choice of decisions we make either to receive the Holy Spirit whom is the power of God or to be oppressed and molested by Satan and his angels. It is simply a matter of choice.

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