About Us

Mission Statement: soul winning, making disciples and exhorting the body of Christ in this end time.

Vision: Taking the love of God and Jesus Christ to the world, by preaching the word of God using different media, to reach the people; reminding all being about the saving power of God, reviving fire of the Holy Ghost and the prophesies in the bible for the end time.

Background of Luke Ten and the Entry Point Word Ministry

On 14th of April 2015 during the WOFBI 13th of April 2015 edition of Living Faith Church AKA WINNERS CHAPEL

Revelation about Luke Ten and the Entry Point Word Ministry

I had a revelation about my purpose on earth, in the revelation saw myself being rescued from a deep dark and long pit (hole).

There was a man standing beside me someone I have never met before but he was speaking to me, showing me other people inside that pit (hole)  and he said to me “you have been rescued from there and you have the responsibility, to do same to those people that are still inside the pit (hole).

On 21st April, 2015 there was a confirmation of my purpose on earth which came after saying the following prayer; oh! Lord show me my purpose on earth, what do you want me to do and why did you create me on earth?

The answer from God in dream is the same as the previous revelation I had of myself delivered from the pit but this time around came with a scripture Luke 10.

While resisting and imagining within me that am making things up, the same revelation came to me twice on different occasion; November, 2015 to preach to three old friends of mine during (details about them and images were shown to me in the dream) but I was reluctant to reach them due to thought of rejection and jesting of sudden change of status from what they knew me to be.

In December 2015, during my personal devotion and prayer, I heard the voice spoke to me that it is because of your disobedient that you’re suffering.

 I was disturbed by what I heard and went off to pray alone at the Foursquare National Camp Ajebo, Ogun State from 23rd -25th December, 2015 in order to know what my manner of disobedience was which was my only prayer.

 It was revealed to me on the second day my three old friends (identities withheld for privacy) in high school days, “that these are the people I sent you to witness the gospel of Christ”, after hearing and seeing these I didn’t wait anymore the early of the third day to start my chase after the three of them and I thank God, I did it and this introduced me to total obedience to God.


16 November, 2016 came the ministry logo with colors (white and blue) and name THE ENTRY POINT WORD MINISTRY. 14TH March 2017 and 20th March, 2017 an instruction to make hand bills for evangelism with theme “IS YOUR NAME WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE?”


Preaching and evangelizing the end time gospel in this last day.


Luke 10 evangelism is sent to every city and places Christ himself would come telling them about the kingdom of God. Raising more laborers in God’s vineyard Showing mercy and compassion, putting the word of God first in all things and doing away with the lust and distractions life.